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Making a real food omelet

November 8, 2009

With quality eggs and cheese, omelets can be fantastic. I call it a “real food” omelet. Here’s one I recently made.

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Recipe: The world’s best pancakes

November 3, 2009

Pancakes are a staple of any well-prepared breakfast meal. They are easy to make, and positively delicious. Here’s the recipe I use.

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Review: PROBAR Fruition (cran-raspberry)

November 1, 2009

On Sunday, I picked up one of the new PROBAR Fruition bars from a local food cooperative and recorded a brief review of the product.

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How to make real food tacos with ground beef

October 28, 2009

The very first unpolished video post from! A brief show & tell of one meal.

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Locavores can’t feed the world

October 28, 2009

So long as the population keeps increasing astronomically, we will need some kind of industrial, bio-engineered, energy-intensive food production system.

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Hard-boiled eggs: Way more than you wanted to know

October 24, 2009

You’ll need to head over to Lopez-Alt’s article for the full scoop, but here’s the gist on making a perfect hard-boiled egg: It’s all about the initial volume of water.

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Let’s take a moment to define ‘organic’

October 23, 2009

In the United States, food producers must receive certification before they can go about adding ‘organic’ to their label. This is disadvantageous to small (independent) farms, as the process costs more than the label will bring back in revenue.

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My 8-word food philosophy

October 22, 2009

Michael Pollan’s 7-word food-losophy helped kick start my own personal food journey. In this article, I offer my philosophy: Eat natural. Mostly organic. As local as possible.

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