Bookmark and Share November 1, 2009 - Dave Mulder

Review: PROBAR Fruition (cran-raspberry)

On Sunday, I picked up one of the new PROBAR Fruitions from a local food cooperative and recorded a brief review of the product.

Basically, it is a compact PROBAR and maybe a little bit pricier than it should be. It slides very nicely into the genre of granola-type bars as an upscale, natural iteration. Definitely worth trying and maybe slipping into a few lunches.

In this video I only tried the cran-raspberry flavor, but there are others (strawberry, blueberry, and peach).

Here’s the list of ingredients:

Organic date paste, organic rolled oats, organic brown rice syrup, raspberry puree, cashews, apple juice infused cranberries, white chia seeds, black chia seeds, natural raspberry flavor, raspberry extract, sunflower oil, tocopherols, natural flavor, ascorbic acid, citric acid, arabic gum.

In case you’re wondering, tocopherol is a Vitamin E compound (oddly though Vitamin E does not register in the nutrition facts), and arabic gum is a natural “glue” to help bind ingredients together.

Here’s my quick report card on PROBAR fruition, cran-raspberry flavor:

  • Naturalness: A-
  • Localness: C+
  • Taste: A-
  • Price: B-

Averaged out, that’s about a B grade for PROBAR fruition. For my money, I’m probably going to stick with Superfood Slam when I need my PROBAR fix.