Bookmark and Share October 28, 2009 - Dave Mulder

How to make real food tacos with ground beef

Don’t hate me. This was my first attempt at video content for Hopefully it comes through in high definition, though you may need to click through to YouTube to access that version. Someday we’ll get this sorted out so that we use a great service like Vimeo or Viddler and can embed the HD-version right in the article.

Tonight’s meal was tacos with ground beef and cheese dip.


  • Pasture-raised ground beef from Apple Schram
  • Onion from the farmer’s market
  • Organic mushrooms from Meijer
  • Tortillas from El Azteco (restaurant)
  • Tortillas (organic whole wheat sprouted) from Alvarado Street Bakery
  • Organic muenster cheese
  • Organic pepper jack cheese
  • Cottage cheese (Michigan-made)
  • Sour cream, Breakstone
  • Organic jalapeno from Cinzori Farm
  • Organic green onion from East Lansing Food Co-op
  • Tortilla chips from Garden Fresh Gourmet (Michigan company)

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