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Breaking out of a food rut with buffalo

In the middle of Winter, grinding yourself into a food rut is easy. Grocery store vegetables, trucked in from thousands of miles away, are not fresh or attractive. So you rely on hardy staples like onion, potato, garlic, and frozen meat. Then you repeat. Before long, every meal idea feels like something you made just a few days prior.

Breaking out of a food rut without breaking the bank does not need to be challenging. Last night, breaking out of my food rut was as simple as swapping buffalo for ground beef.

That’s right—buffalo! An animal that many younger folks (like myself) have only encountered while playing The Oregon Trail.  Buffalo meat is considered to be healthier than what we get from cows (even pasture-raised cows), and buffalo can be a bit more expensive (as well as hard to find).

Last night, buffalo burgers were on the menu; and they were a fantastic distraction from ground beef. So good, in fact, that buffalo burgers may permanently replace ground beef burgers im my recipes.

Ingredients I used:

  • Ground buffalo meat.
  • Red onion (organic).
  • Mushroom (organic, fresh).
  • Garlic (organic).
  • Worcestershire sauce (all-natural).
  • Muenster cheese (organic).
  • White cheddar cheese (organic).


  • Thaw the ground buffalo and mix with diced red onion and diced garlic clove. You do not need much onion/garlic for this.
  • Mix in one tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce.
  • Form the buffalo mixture into burger patties and begin grilling.
  • Slice some more red onion and mushroom, grill over a little bit of olive oil with a dash of brown sugar.
  • When buffalo burgers are nearly done, add small slices of muenster and cheddar cheese to top.
  • Lightly toast the buns.
  • Put it all together.

Oh my, that looks good.

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