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Ignite Lansing recap

March 8, 2010

Friday night in Lansing, Michigan, was exceptionally fun. I was the third speaker in the first session of Ignite Lansing 3.0, talking about “Simple Rules for Eating Real Food”.

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Better, healthier popcorn on the stove

March 7, 2010

Traditional production of popcorn (the old-fashioned approach), is done on a stovetop with little more than oil and popcorn kernels. When made this way, popcorn is a healthy, filling snack both high in fiber and low in calories.

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Banana Bread: The beer version

March 3, 2010

Banana Bread Beer is brewed by Wells & Young’s, a United Kingdom firm. The beer itself is tasty (imagine a bittery banana) but somewhat weak (5.2% ABV).

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Is Mrs. Butterworth a syrup fraud?

March 1, 2010

One gallon of maple syrup requires a 40 gallon input of maple sap (form either the sugar maple or black maple). This sap is processed by removing water through boiling (or reverse osmosis) until it reaches the density that pancake-lovers typically associate with syrup.

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Beer review: Stone Ruination IPA

March 1, 2010

Stone Ruination IPA’s bottle advertises it as a bitter, extra-hoppy brew with hints of citrus and fruit. What did ERF think when they tried it?

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Cheddar melt burgers

March 1, 2010

Hamburgers usually make for a great meal, though they can get stale as a food option if you do not make an occasional effort to change things up. Over the weekend I decided to prepare cheddar melt burgers on rye.

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What’s in a Pop Tart?

February 28, 2010

One of my favorite foods is also a campfire staple; the s’more is delicious. What does the Pop Tart version have in store for us?

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Real food grades

February 25, 2010

Real food is not a binary state; rather, realness exists on a continuum. Some foods are more natural than others, which are more natural than others. As we continue to work up reviews about particular food products, Eating Real Food will also assign grades.

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This is a different kind of food blog. Think of us as community of food epistemologists. We talk about what we eat and relate it toward an ever-evolving theory of eating.

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