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Reed’s Premium Ginger Brew

I fell in love with ginger a few months ago, my relationship with the spicy root blossoming after I enjoyed a few crystallized chunks.

If you’ve never had ginger before, you’ve probably tasted or at least heard of Vernor’s soda. Vernor’s is advertised as THE ginger ale, but honestly the taste does not do ginger any justice.

Real ginger brew absolutely knocks the socks off of Vernor’s. One such product is Reed’s Ginger Brew, which is widely available in several flavors.

What’s the difference, you ask? For one, Reed’s doesn’t use high fructose corn syrup.

Additionally, and more interestingly, every batch is hand-crafted. It’s like comparing a fine craft beer to Bud Light.

Our brewing process is based on the kind of home-kitchen recipes for soft drinks and tonics that were used before the first commercial soft drinks appeared around 1850. Modern sodas, even so-called “natural” ones, are made in bottling plants, by blending water, carbonation, sweeteners, colorings, and flavorings. Reed’s is completely different, since it is brewed directly from roots, herbs, spices, and fruits. All the ginger you taste in Reed’s brews, for example, comes from actual fresh ginger root, one of the finest tonic roots available.

Reed’s is also the company behind Virgil’s root beer and cream soda (two equally delicious natural sodas).

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