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Hop Stoopid: A great double IPA


The staple of modern collegiate experience and hero of many of a house party, this alcoholic beverage has a long history in society.

Writing about its role, is, well, unnecessary. People love beer, and I am a people person. Therefore, I love (good) beer.

Recently, I discovered the type of beer I like. There are many types, including IPA (India Pale Ale), stout, lager, port, etc. My favorite is known as Double IPA.

While I do not know what exactly goes into Double IPA, I can tell you how it tastes: awesome. Double IPAs have a strong, medium body and the presence of sweetness (probably derived from the use of more hops). They are, for me, an ideal compromise between bitter, dark beer and light, watery beer.

The first Double IPA I knowingly tried is Lagunitas Hop Stoopid Ale (pictured in this review). After agonizing for ten minutes over what to pick, this beer entered my basket because it had the presence of something worth drinking. It came in a 22-ounce bomber bottle which was tossed into my refrigerator to chill for several hours.

Marked as having 8% alcohol by volume, Double IPAs probably hit the 10-12% range when they are drunk. By American standards, this makes Hop Stoopid Ale a fairly powerful brew.

It is not cheap, either. This bottle cost me $4.39 before deposit and tax.

A few years ago, I likely would have determined benefit by the number of beers I could purchase. The $4.39  which went into this bottle of Hop Stoopid Ale could have fetched a backpack-ful of canned watery beer.

They each have their place. Watery beer is terrible but economical for games like beer pong. Hop Stoopid Ale is great, but expensive and therefore meant to be savored.

And savor it, I do. I have enjoyed Hop Stoopid Ale to the final drop on the occasions it has graced my presence. I can only hope it will stop by more often.

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