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al fresco Spinach & Feta chicken sausage

Friday night’s dinner was a return to sausage for me. For a while, I had been avoiding link meats like hot dogs and bratwurst because I just was not in the mood.

So I picked up some fresh chicken sausage from the local food co-op.

In this case it was al fresco spinach & feta chicken sausage. al fresco is a fairly large brand and they produce all-natural chicken sausage.

Here’s al fresco’s mission statement:

It’s all about fresh flavor from fresh ingredients. Our mission is to provide delicious all natural products that are easy to prepare as part of a healthy lifestyle – live life with flavor

Well that sounds fair. Plus it was at my local food co-op, which I trust to vet (investigate to discover) all the products they stock.

Ingredients in spinach/feta flavor: skinless chicken meat, feta cheese, spinach, water, salt, dehydrated garlic & onion, rosemary, spices, natural flavor, extracts of spice.

After heating/browning these sausages, they were served in Rudi’s Organic Bakery wheat hot dog rolls with diced red onion and organic brown mustard. As a side dish, I grabbed a bag of Kettle Brand Jalapeno chips.

This made for a great meal. The natural flavor of the chicken sausage is outstanding, and the spinach/feta complements it very well.


  • $6 for a four-pack of al fresco chicken sausage.
  • $3.50 for six Rudi’s Organic Bakery wheat hot dog rolls.
  • $1.00 worth of red onion.
  • $0.50 worth of mustard.
  • $2.00 for Kettle Brand jalapeno chips (on sale).

Breaks down to $13 for 2-3 meals.

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