Bookmark and Share December 19, 2010 - Dave Mulder

Remembering Summer’s homemade pizza

Today is Sunday and it is 23 degrees Fahrenheit outside my window. Relative to last week, this is actually quite mild; for a few days, we suffered through abnormally frigid temperatures.

Winter in Michigan marks the hard end of fresh, locally-grown vegetables. Locavores turn to Winter staples, like potatoes, onion, garlic—and their pantry, where they have canned vegetables, fruits, and various sauces. Still, nothing beats the taste of ingredients picked minutes ago from the garden.

One of my favorite dishes in general is pizza, and I love homemade pizza. Here are some photos of a pizza made in my kitchen a few months ago.

  • Sauce (all local/organic): Roma tomatoes, fresh basil, spices.
  • Toppings (all local/organic): Red onion, sweet peppers, mushrooms.

I cheated a bit on this one: The crust was a ready-to-bake flat with all-natural ingredients. Think Naan bread but more pizza crust-y. The pizza was topped with fresh mozzarella which gives off some water after baking (the finished product looks greasy, but that is mostly water).

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