Bookmark and Share June 29, 2010 - Dave Mulder

What we’re cooking up in July

July is going to be an exciting month in ERF-Land!

Food With Friends

I’m going to be starting up a regular feature called ‘Food With Friends’ in which I hang out with some of my friends while they make their favorite food (or some other delicious meal).

Beer Tasting

I’ve also been filming a series of beer reviews. We’ve got about five episodes ready to go, but I’m still haggling over whether it belongs in ERF or if should be a spin-off (note: I’m leaning toward spin-off, but that means I have to set up yet another blog.

T-shirts and giveaways

We’re going to start doing regular giveaways to the many folks reading our posts!

Design refresh

All these changes will also require yet another design refresh (though we’re always tweaking the look and feel).

And one last thing:

We’re working on a BOOK! (Details coming later this Summer).