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News: FDA warning on product health claims

A great rule of thumb for eating is to avoid food products that make excessive health claims. For example, POM Wonderful markets a pomegranate juice on the claim that its antioxidant content provides significant medical benefits for consumers. You might be walking past a cooler with POM Wonderful, see the friendly heart logo, and buy the drink believing it will be great for your health.

The FDA is entrusted by consumers to be a watchdog over health claims such as POM Wonderful’s. Manufacturers and marketers are not allowed to just claim their product offers certain benefits without substantial proof.

Over the last few years, you have probably noticed more and more foods make gaudy health claims. This past week, the FDA finally took action.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration warned 16 food and beverage makers against making product claims that don’t adhere strictly to federal labeling rules.

The crackdown is a shot across the bow of the food industry. The Obama administration has made a priority of encouraging Americans to eat more healthfully. Regulators are scrutinizing food marketing amid concerns about links between diet, obesity and disease.

Thanks to Tony A. for passing along this article.

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