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Grilled kabobs on Father’s Day

Summer is a great time for grilling out. If you’re in the mood for something different, try a kabob. They’re easy to make and you can put all sorts of crazy stuff on them (not that I did).

Kristy’s father, stepmother, and sister were in town a few weeks ago. It was a Father’s Day get-together.

Our ingredients aren’t too complicated: Bell pepper (red, yellow, green), red onion, and baby bella mushroom. Oh yes, and steak. The steak came from the grass-fed cows of a merchant at at the Meridian Township farmer’s market. It was marinated for a few hours in a special, homemade sauce.

At this stage in my life, I’m not an expert on grilling. I turned the reins over to Kristy’s father (it was his holiday, after all). We got the charcoal going and then threw the kabobs on some foil. They didn’t take too long to cook.

We hung out while waiting.

Kristy also made some from great-looking crescent rolls … from scratch. WAY better than the kind you buy from a can. If Zingerman’s made crescent rolls (and they might), this is probably what they look like.

And here’s the finished product. They don’t look too much different from when they started.

Certainly, cooked down somewhat. And the vegetables are singed/browned in places.

What a fun day! The grub turned out well and was well-liked by everyone at the table.

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