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Welcome to Eating Real Food

When you head out to the supermarket to do your grocery shopping, you’re presented with a wealth of choices. Should I get Coca-Cola¬† or Pepsi? Diet or regular? Does the margarine (or vegetable oil spread) taste just like butter without the negative health aspects? Which sour cream is right for me? Normal, low-fat, or fat-free? What about all these organic products? Are they a clever way of marketing inferior products or is there a health value to them? And just what the heck are Pop Tarts? As shoppers navigate through crowded store aisles, they answer these questions by leisurely tossing products into their cart.

We founded this blog on the belief that questions and curiosity regarding food are perhaps the healthiest thing you will find in most grocery store aisles. Unfortunately, the reason Americans suffer a multitude of health problems (obesity, diabetes, heart disease, etc.) may very well be that we are asking the wrong questions. Eating Real Food aims to change that by raising the level of awareness that everyday human omnivores carry on their shoulders. We will do so by discussing general food-related topics, specific ones, current events, and also showing you how to make some great and delicious meals on your own. In short, we’re going to give you the necessary tools to develop your own philosophy of food.

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