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Re-creating a classic: Coca-Cola BlaK

Coca Cola BlaK was a shortlived, but great, drink product. The taste roughly resembled Coca Cola blended with espresso, and Coke marketed BlaK as a “carbonated fusion beverage” (whatever that is).

Naturally, there comes a time in every person’s live when he or she must experiment to re-create a feeling.

Suggested Ingredients for Coca Cola BlaK

  • Coca-Cola sweetened with sugar (Mexican Coca Cola suffices here).
  • Natural cream soda (I recommend Virgil’s).
  • Espresso (I used strongly brewed coffee for some reason).

As a bonus, these ingredients are natural! I don’t have a bottle of Coca Cola BlaK to read the ingredients off of, but I recall Coke using artificial sweeteners to give BlaK a low-calorie rating.

Certainly, my recipe is higher on calories than the original.

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