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Peter Kearney wants to teach you how to grow food at home

Are you interested in food self-sustainability but stuck on how to begin? Maybe you live in an apartment without any green space, or a small urban-area house, and there simply is no room to start planting potatoes and beans.

City Food Growers (, a project designed by Peter Kearney, aims to show you how to succeed. Kearney is an experienced organic and biodynamic gardener hailing from Brisbane, Australia. (No, I have no idea what biodynamic means.)

CFG allows subscribers (sadly, this service does cost a bit of money) to describe their home setup and then receive detailed information about how to grow food in their home. The community’s expert advice takes the guesswork out of hacked-together setups like containers. Speaking as someone who has grown a variety of vegetables in containers, sometimes it works and sometimes it does not.

“Of the many benefits of growing your own food, the bottom line at the checkout is a major factor for many families who start to grow their own food.

“Every household can grow some of their own food organically – from a few herbs on the windowsill to a whole backyard of fruit and vegetables or getting a spot at a local community garden.”

I have never used CFG, but have heard a few good things about it. If you have a review, please post in the comments or send me an e-mail (

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