Bookmark and Share October 14, 2009 - Dave Mulder

Omelet, bacon, toast, and potatoes

This was an AWESOME breakfast-for-dinner meal. I make omelets all the time but have always hesitated to include meat in them. Side-by-side with roasted potatoes and some of the best toasted bread on the planet, my natural food sense was blown away.

The only somewhat-expensive item pictured was the bacon, which cost $6 for 12 ounces, but could easily have fed 4 people. Organic pepper jack cheese does cost a bit more than standard pepper jack cheese, but is worth the bump in fee.

Estimated cost of food pictured below: $4

Check out the Flickr photo page for a larger image version.

(1) Semi-omelet includes grazing-fresh eggs, organic pepper jack cheese (purchased at Foods For Living), roma tomatoes from Owosso Organics, jalapeno pepper from Owosso Organics, and organic mushroom from Meijer.

(2) Natural thick-sliced bacon purchased at Foods For Living. Vegetarian-fed, humanely-raised pigs from an Iowa farm. No nitrates added! Brand name escapes me right now.

(3) Honey whole wheat bread purchased from Great Harvest Bread company (Okemos, Michigan), with a little bit of real butter and natural blackberry jam.

(4) Seasoned roasted organic potatoes (mixed varieties) from a farm in Dewitt, Michigan.

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